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0.1.11b 9/09

- changes in class NamedVEntry:
    In pack() and pack_forget(), raising proper NotImplementedError
        instead of NotImplemented.

0.1.10b 8/09

- changes in class VEntry:
    In initialise(callback = True), introducing new argument CALLBACK.

0.1.9b 8/09

- changes in classes VEntry and NamedVEntry:

0.1.8b 8/09

- changes in class NamedVEntry:
    In __init__(..., name = None, ...), allowing for NAME to be left out
        if label is specified.

0.1.7b 8/09

- changes in class VEntry:
    In initialise(), fallback to bind('<KeyRealease>') because vcmd method
        does not work.
    vcmd(), renamed back to tk_key_release().

- changes in class NamedVEntry:
    In __init__(), making column and row optional.
    pack(*args, **kwargs)
    grid(column, row, **ventry_kwargs)

0.1.6b 8/09

- changes in class VEntry:
    In initialise(), using and to react on content
    tk_key_release(event), renamed to vcmd() accordingly.

0.1.5b 8/09

- introducing in class VEntry:
0.1.4b 5/09

- changes in class VEntry:
    In __init__(..., formatter=None, ...), additional paramter.

- changes in class NamedVEntry:
    In __init__(..., formatter=None, label=None,...),
        additional parameters.

0.1.3b 5/09

- change in class VEntry:
    In __init__(), setting self.value to default None.
    In validate(), introducing parameter `callback'.
    In set(), introducing paramter `callback'.

0.1.2b 5/09

- introducing validation function:

0.1.1b 4/09

- introducing class Validity:

- introducing validation functions:

- introducing class VEntry:

- introducing class NamedVEntry(VEntry):

0.1.0b 4/09